Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Southern Deluge; Kudos For Intense Reports

Hey everyone, sorry it has been a week since I last posted.

Work got really hectic for me last week with some management in town. The visits went well and so did my event for Macys and Dillards.

We are relaunching DKNY and Kenneth Cole dress shirts this season and I was fortunate enough to get funding from my company to throw a nice sit down dinner party/training at an upscale restaurant in the Denver area.

OK ENOUGH with my life and on to the weather.

WAY TO GO on filing 3 dozen intense rain reports on Tuesday -- reports came from Texas to Indiana. GREAT INFORMATION!

By the way, YOU WILL HAVE to check out the daily comment reports and precipitation totals from Missouri and vicinity today.

Although I am writing this several hours in advance, I can almost assure you they will be impressive.

A widespread swath of heavy rain has drenched northern and central Arkansas, extending up into southern Missouri, Illinois and western Kentucky.

I have seen at least a dozen reports in the 5 to 10 inch range so far from these locations on the National Weather Service storm reports.

Having lived in a dry climate for so long now I forgot what it is like to see that much rain.

Many locations here in the west see that much in an entire year, with a portion falling as snow!

They are definitely seeing some flooding and will deal with this on the rivers for several days to come in that part of the world(esp. downstream on the Mississippi).

Here in Colorado, we would have done lost everything if that much rain fell at once. We float away during summer time storms that drop an inch of two!!

You can bet it will be a green spring in the southern plains and lower Mississippi River Valley -- with plenty of BUGS this year I am sure!

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