Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wild January Weather Brings Deadly Tornadoes

The wild weather continues -- with an outbreak of tornadoes from southeast Wisconsin to northwest Arkansas on Monday.

It was only the second time a tornado has even been documented in the state of Illinois during the month of January.

Hardest hit was the state of Missouri where several injuries and a few fatalities were reported in the southwest part of the state near Springfield. (Webster and Greene Counties)

In the western Great Lakes states, fog is the big story. All this warm air moving over fairly deep snowpack is making for widespread dense fog from Duluth to Des Moines and Milwaukee to Madison.

Our friends in the northeast are almost ready to head to the beach -- literally! Highs are well into the 60s across southern New England. This time of the year they should be in the 30s to near 40 degrees at best.

As I blog the Storms Prediction Center has just issued a tornado watch for most of Arkansas as another round of severe weather gets underway. There are some warnings out just to the northwest of Little Rock where my family resides so I am going to get them called and make sure they are keeping an eye to the sky.

Unfortunately the weather bug that bit me didn't bite them -- except for my grandma. She and I spent hours each day watching the weather channel when I was a kid.

Now that she is retired sometimes she sleeps in -- so I want to just make sure they are abreast of the situation today given what we saw happen on Monday.


  1. Follow this link for a special report on what when down in Southern Wisconsin yesterday.

  2. Wisconsin? Amazing! What's happening to my perception of the weather world for this part of the country, this time of year?

  3. Following up a bit with what went down yesterday here in Wisconsin. Included with the previous Statement, this one has photos included.

  4. Unbelievable photos! What a disaster...It's amazing more people ween't killed and injured. I still find it odd to see snow on the ground (or was it hail), ice-coverd water, but yet green grass, the thunderstorms and tornadoes! Shouldn't they be covered with snow and brown, dormant vegetation? We've had over a dozen snow events here along the front range since Thanksgiving. And WI is farther north. Thanks for the photos osnw3...just amazing!!!

  5. The grass is pretty green. I was commenting about it the other day. It's quite the contrast against the white snow piles. We had a fantastic December, recording 20+ inches of snowfall. It was too good to be true. Hopefully the last half of January can make up for the lost snow pack. Enjoy the front range!

  6. Here is a link to my blog, I have posted a picture of the radar from Monday night there. That was the night of the tornadoes her in SW Missouri.