Monday, December 3, 2007

Reporting a Trace

Someone left a comment recently asking about a TRACE. See question below.

QUESTION: "Would you please clarify the use of "T" for trace. My reporting time is 7:00 AM, however if I know that a trace occured 4 hours prior to my reporting time do I still enter "T" under the precipatation block, then clarify the actual time of the trace in the Obervation Notes section?"

ANSWER: If your reporting time is 7 am, you are reporting anything that happened at your station up until the observation time. So if a trace happened overnight, or even at 6:59 am, you will report a T for trace.

Another way to think of it is that you are reporting anything during the past 24 hours, or since your last observation was made at 7 am yesterday.

If you would like to leave more information (such as the time it happened) you can certainly do so in the notes.

Thanks for reading the blog and asking such great questions!


  1. I would like to find out what kind of lubricant to use on my rain gauge. ie. pam, wd40, rain x. PS. love my red cocorahs shrit.

  2. Ken....Rain-X has been the preferred choice....I'd stay away from the wife has supposedly ordered a shirt for me for Christmas...I hope I get one! :)

  3. Good morning from Iowa,thank you for the Blog is a good thing to do. Have got two shirts my self and love to do the weather for CoCoRaHS,Good Times

  4. Learned lesson - gotta check the gauge. I thought I was certain that it didn't rain here yesterday. (Wasn't at home) Noticed some miniscule readings in the area. SO, I got lazy. Reported ZERO this morning. Just got back from feeding the birds and noticing the rain in my gauge... Won't do that again. Here's my 0.02" . Don't want to cheat CoCoRaHS, do we?