Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reporting Weather Data -- Highs, Lows, etc.

A CoCoRaHS observer left a comment on my post yesterday asking a few questions.

1. How do you make the degree symbol without typing the word? Hold the ALT key on your keyboard and enter the numbers 0186. (this is windows -- not sure about other systems)

2. How do you report other weather data (like highs and lows) to CoCoRaHS? The data entry page on CoCoRaHS only lets you enter precip. At one point there was some discussion about adding a place to enter highs, lows, etc. for your weather station.
Not sure if or when that day will come -- so at the present, you can leave the information in the comments section and it will archive with all your reports.

Great questions! It is very cold today across much of the northern US -- here in Denver it is very windy to boot! Bundle up if you are in these locations.


  1. To add the degree symbol when using Apple's OS X press Shift-Option-8

  2. Is there a preferred thermometer for COCORAHS folks to use? A type of thermometer we should stay away from?


  3. I always did the ยบ (ALT/Option) and zero, to get a degree symbol, what what the difference is besides size... Thanks for the information nancy.

    The Sixes thermometer is a good choice for temperature, I used to use a Taylor 5458 Max - Min thermometer with good results in a small shelter. Now if your using a wood post to mount your guage you can build with louvered wood things you get at Lowes or Home Depot and build yourself a small shelter (paint white) and mount to the same post away from your home and any pavement you can yield good results.

  4. Re: How to type a degree symbol using Windows XP. I tried your suggestion but nothing happens. After depressing the ALT key and entering the 4 digits is there another key to depress?

    Also RE: For those who use a wireless radio-controlled weather station, my wireless system is made by Lacross Technology and I've been quite satisfied with it. I would like to know if anyone else uses this make and are they happy with it.

  5. If I remember correctly from my "Windows Days," you need to type the numbers on the numeric keypad, not the numbers on the regular keyboard.

    Also, I use a wireless Oregon Scientific temperature transmitter. I've been using it for years and am pleased with it.

  6. Thanks Nancy, RE: typing the degree symbal. I tried your suggestion and "Presto" it worked. Appreciate the tip.

  7. Hi Nolan,

    Would you please clarify the use of "T" for trace. My reporting time is 7:00 AM, however if I know that a trace occured 4 hours prior to my reporting time do I still enter "T" under the precipatation block, then clarify the actual time of the trace in the Obervation Notes section?

    Thanks, HPH