Friday, February 19, 2010

Shifting Weather Pattern Perhaps?

Well it looks like things are shifting a bit as we head into the end of February.

Although it is still below normal for many in the temperature department, there is the hint of a slight warming trend, especially in the southern states.

For instance, I was just looking at the forecast for Little Rock, Ar and I saw some 50s in their future - it has been a while since they saw those kind of temps.

Also, the east is fairly quiet - no major storms on the map today.

Here in the west, the pattern has finally turned active for the central Rockies. We had a nice little snow here in Denver on Thursday, and have off and on chances through early next week as a few systems move through the region.

Overall, it is a sign that we are nearing springtime - before you know it we will be talking about the first thunderstorms of the year!

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