Friday, February 26, 2010

Northeast U.S. Slammed With Snow

It has been snowing hard for a few days across portions of the northeast U.S. - with New York state hard hit.

This low pressure has brought an "on-shore" flow into New England - so the right half of the storm, which has been slamming eastern Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusettes, Maine and New Hampshire has seen rain - and very heavy rain - with totals exceeding 5 inches in some cases.

The left half of the storm system has been snow - with New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania taking a beating from Mother Nature.

In some cases over 30 inches of snow has fallen so far.

On the radar yesterday, it was so cool to see the rain and snow line - it roughly followed the eastern border of New York state. Everything to the right was rain and the left was snow.

I wish I had taken a snapshot of the radar picture to show you.

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