Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Severe Weather Hits Nation

The weather will quiet down today after severe thunderstorms impacted much of the south on Monday and Tuesday.

Thankfully this event was mostly wind and hail with plenty of heavy rain -- some places really needed the rain while others didn't.

In portions of Arkansas, up to 5 inches of rain fell and then as the colder air moved in, up to 11 inches of snow fell -- just to the west and northwest of Little Rock.

There were a few tornadoes, but nothing like the outbreaks we have seen in recent days.

As the storm system moved up the east coast, it brought some severe storms to New England early Wednesday.

60 to 72 mph winds were reported across Rhode Island, and wind damage reports came out of Massachusettes.


  1. Very interesting snow storm indeed. Just another example of our need for CoCoRaHS stations to help report the variety of snowfall in our areas. There were some impressive snow fall gradients with this storm. Check out this graphic from the NWS Office in St. Louis.

  2. My In-Laws in St. Louis said their 10-12" of snow was pretty ridiculous.

    On a different note... I just received a document containing monthly/annual snowfall data for Oshkosh, WI for the periods of 1893-2008 from the NWS. After carefully reviewing the data I noticed That in 1980-1981 Oshkosh received 0.0" of snow. I was shocked! I also noticed the official February 2008 total was 4.9" lower then my total. I saw more curious data and it helped me conclude that our observations we submit each day cannot be taken for granted.

    And because it is "CoCoRaHS March Madness 2008", I decided to survey my county in Wisconsin for active CoCoRaHS observers. I found that there are six, but only three who actually submit daily observations. I felt compelled to find and recruit someone who would be a dedicated observer. I turned to the local newspaper (Oshkosh Northwestern) and emailed their weather guy, who has been taking observations for decades, asking if he had ever heard of CoCoRaHS and told him that his observations for the Northwestern are a fantastic candidate for the CoCoRaHS network.

    He may already be involved. I really do not know, but I thought I'd give it a go to try and "push" CoCoRaHS. It is March Madness after all.

    We'll see what happens.

  3. wxwatcher, what a coincidence we both referenced STL! These comments are moderated, so when I posted my comment, I was unable to see yours. That graphic is impressive. I am amazed that back in 1890 the last days of March dumped 20" on STL. I wish there were photos and radar loops we could ponder over... exciting stuff!

    Last night I was clicking around the CoCoRaHS site and clicked on the state of Minnesota. It brought me to a sweet site. I recommend checking out the history and the "How's the Weather" write up! Seemed to me, to be a great pep talk!