Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Roaring For Some

Another large storm is winding up this morning across the south-central plains.

Most of the country (along and east of the Mississippi) will get hit with precipitation now through the weekend.

Strong to severe thunderstorms will roam the skies from southeast Texas along the Gulf Coast into the southeast this weekend.

We don't need the storms, but soaking rains will be welcome in the drought-stricken southeast.

Hopefully we can get some gully-washers right over Lake Linear in Georgia and Falls Lake in North Carolina -- which serve the Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham metro areas respectively.

On the back side of this storm system, a band of snow will form from Dallas to Little Rock and St. Louis.

There will be a bullseye of heavy snow somewhere in the vicinity of eastern Oklahoma and western to central Arkansas.

Some may see up to a foot.

By the weekend, heavy rain, ice and snow will move into New England.


  1. I love your blog. Are you still in Denver? Do you do any storm chasing?

  2. I am thinking about buying a home weather station and would like an experts opinion on which one to purchase. I would like one that registers wind speed, rain, temp (inside and out) etc. and would like it to be accurate. I would also like to be able to hook it up to the internet (I think most of them will do that). I have read some reviews of a few, but would like someones opinion that maybe has one that works well and accurately. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  3. 3putt, I remember reading a blog entry about this a while back. It may not be the answers you are looking for, but... it's a place to start. Davis Instruments is a preferred brand name.