Friday, February 15, 2008

More Tornadoes In The South?

Severe weather will once again rear it's ugly head across portions of the south today, with the greatest threat in eastern Texas and western Louisiana.

The setup will be somewhat similar to the one we saw over Arkansas and Tennessee the first week of February, with a huge clash of the airmasses thanks to a strong cold front.

Supercell thunderstorms are possible between Dallas and Houston with a few tornadoes not out of the question on Friday into early Saturday.

There will also be some heavy downpours and hail so all CoCoRaHS observers in eastern Texas need to be on alert and ready to report intense rain and hail reports (if you can do so safely).

Remember, when you file an intense hail or rain report, it immediately goes to your local National Weather Service office -- and this information can be extremely helpful to verify what is showing up on radar.

Your report could help either issue and better define a warning that goes out to the public!


  1. I am expecting some heavy rain today and tonight. Would I get a more accurate reading if I left the funnel and inner cylinder out (to reduce loss of rain from splashing off the funnel)?

  2. Yesterday afternoon, my wife an I were returning home and saw the most unusual cloud formations. With a few exceptions, the clouds were almost identical in size and shape, not unlike the shape of a keyboard mouse. However, the most unusual feature was each cloud was a dark blue/gray in the center with a bright white edge. Do you have any explanation for this for this peculiar formation?

  3. I do not know the answer, hph, but from your description I am envisioning that it was a crisp, cool, and breezy day with rays of sun peeking through as the clouds motored by overhead.

    Any truth to this?!

  4. Hello osnw3,

    This HPH re: strange clouds. Sighting took place approx. 1600 hrs yesterday placing the sun in the western sky. Temperature was in the high 60's with a moderate breeze and scattered clouds in every direction. We live in South-Central Texas in a small commuity that abuts the San Antonio city limits on the North East side. My Station Number is TX-BXR-47 and my station Name is Live Oak 1.0 SSE. As an aside we were driving on a due West direction. Those peculiar clouds appesred as we looked to the right(west) and directly ahead of us(south). Does that help any?

  5. Hello osnw3,

    Let me know if you did or did not receive my answer to your comment.

    HPH(aka Howard P. Howard)