Friday, September 21, 2007

September Weather

20 CoCoRaHS stations have checked in with an inch or more of rain as of 10 am Mountain Time on Friday morning. The reports came from Wisconsin, New Mexcio, North Carolina and South Dakota.

One of those reports came from observer NM-ED-3, who lives on the northwest side of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

A thnuderstorm moved over that region just after 10 pm on Thursday night, and dropped 1.10 inches of rain in 15 minutes. The observer described the flooding as severe with over a foot of water rushing down the streets.

That much rain in 15 minutes is a lot for any location, but especially in a dry and arid climate like New Mexico.

Although our network isn't up and running yet across Florida, there have been some drenching rains there this week too. The city of Jacksonville has recorded over 10 inches!

Those soaking rains will spread west along the central Gulf Coast with the current tropical disturbance in that part of the world.

If you are heading to New Orleans this weekend, bring the rain gear!


  1. Lots of severe weather in northern Wisconsin recently after a quiet, dry summer. In the south part of the state, we had record rains in August but now we are dry. Today we have been upgraded to a moderate risk of severe in much of the state, mainly for a derecho threat.

  2. Yes we also in NE Iowa could be under the gun,High winds and Hail being the main threat after 4 pm. Watch the skies and the Radar trends!

  3. Not much to say about south cenral Kansas, for that matter not much going on in the entire state. We have a few hit and miss showers, thunder showers. Temps are are nice though, low to mid 80's, a few low 90's daytime, mid 60's to low 70's in the evening hours. I'm ready for fall!


  4. Hey Chris...that song "Autum Leaves" was sung by Johnny Mathis, not Mercer--at least in my generation, LOL!

    and I live in the land of dry! we have only had a little over 24 inches rain since the first of the year. In August we finally got 5 inches rain. we are in a very dry spell right now again.