Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eyes On The Tropics

Forecasters will be watching the tropics over the next few days as an area of disturbed weather off the west coast of Florida could develop into either a tropical or sub-tropical storm.

You can follow the latest on the National Hurricane Center's website by clicking here.

Although we'd hate to see a tropical system threaten our friends along the Gulf Coast, the rain that could spread into the southeast would be awesome -- since they have been in a widespread drought this summer. Stay tuned to see how this plays out!

If you are traveling to the western coast of Mexico or the Baja of California over the next few days -- prepare to deal with Hurricane Ivo. It may weaken into a tropical storm before landfall, but will still bring plenty of wind and rain to the region.

Favorite observer comment from Wednesday: Finally a smidge to report! This comes from 6.8 miles south of Arlee, Montana.

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  1. Really could use some relief here in Central Indiana too.