Sunday, May 26, 2013

More Unusual May Weather

The road to Whiteface Mountain
on Saturday, May 25th.
This weekend saw another round of unusual weather at opposite sides of the country. In NewEngland, a remarkable spring storm dropped 24 to 34 inches of snow in upstate New York on Whiteface Mountain at an elevation of 4867 feet. A strong low pressure system moving through the northeast brought several days of heavy precipitation to northern New York and western Vermont. Precipitation totals for the past six days range from 5 to 9 inches, with the heavier amounts in Vermont. On Saturday the rain mixed with and changed to snow in northern New York and Vermont, with snow accumulating at elevations above 900 feet. Snowfall in Vermont ranged from 1.0 inch at Richford, VT to 18.0 inches at Jay Peak, VT (elevation 3862 feet). Some ski areas were reportedly open for the weekend thanks to the snow.

There was deluge amidst drought this weekend in Texas. Thunderstorms dropped more than a foot of rain on the San Antonio, TX metropolitan area.  Some thunderstorms occurred during the afternoon Saturday, but heaviest rain fell in training nocturnal thunderstorms late Saturday night to early Sunday morning. Here is the CoCoRaHS map for Saturday, May 25 for Bexar County.  San Antonio is located near the center.

The heavy rain caused flash flooding in the San Antonio area, with some streams approach record high flood levels. A new record flood stage was set on the San Antonio River Saturday morning.

River stage observations for the San Antonio River

The rain is sorely need in Texas, where lake and reservoir levels are very low from two years of drought. However, this was definitely too much too fast.  Unfortunately the flash flooding caused three fatalities, caused a roof of an apartment complex to collapse, and inundated many roads.

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