Thursday, August 23, 2012

A "Warm Up" for Isaac?

On Tuesday and Wednesday more than nine inches of rain fell in southern Pinellas County, Florida. On the morning of August 22 two CoCoRaHS observers in South Pasadena (west of St. Petersburg). Both reported more than seven inches of rain, and added another 1.50 inches by the morning of August 23. Station FL-PN-17 measured 7.95 inches on August 22 and 1.60 on August 23 for a two-day total of 9.55 inches.  Station FL-PN-6 measured 7.07 and 1.45 inches on th two days for a total of 8.52 inches. At station FL-PN-17 4.27 inches fell in the first 80 minutes of the storm! The thunderstorms were part of a complex of storms that moved from the Gulf east across central Florida.
Rainfall in Pinellas County, FL for the 24 hour period ending the morning of August 22, 2012
Buckets of rain could be in the cards for the Tampa area and western Florida early next week depending on the track and intensity of now Tropical Storm Isaac. The latest path projection takes Isaac into the western Gulf of Mexico. If that's the case the west coast of Florida will be in for some significant wind and rain.  In the meantime, the Tampa area will be generally dry the next couple of days as winds swing into the northeast cutting off the flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.

Position and projected track of Tropical Storm Isaac as of 8:00 p.m. EDT August 23, 2012

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