Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally a western weather change

It has been weeks of nice, warm and dry weather across the western US, but that is all changing as we speak. (or type shall I say)

A large trough of low pressure moving in off the Pacific will bring the first significant snow to many of the western mountain chains, especially across California, Utah and Colorado.  Many of these locations are under a winter storm watch already.

In fact, the Sierras of California are under a winter storm warning.

Along with the wetter weather comes a huge cool down.

Out ahead of the storm, red flag warnings are in effect across a good portion of the central plains (east of the Rockies) where strong southerly winds will really crank up the fire danger.

Then as the storm approches over the weekend, we could even see some severe weather develop, much like we do in the spring weather scenarios.

It will be an exciting week to watch the weather!  The transition to fall is officially underway!!

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