Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tropics heating up for next week?

Well ... the answer is YES ... and honestly ... we expect that this time of year.  The hurricane season peaks from late August into early September.

Forecasters have their eyes on the area in red on the map below ... it could likely become an organized and named system sometime this weekend. It would be named Irene if and when this happens.

The GFS long-range model shows the storm developing and moving up the east coast of Florida ... right into the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina.

THIS IS JUST ONE MODEL ... so I wouldn't panic ... but if you live in these areas, OR may be traveling there next week ... you DEFINITELY need to start paying close attention to the latest tropical update.

You can click the maps below for a closer look.

Take a look at the next two images ...they are called Spaghetti Plots ... since all the different model outputs look like strings of spaghetti. Look at them ... they mostly all target south and eastern Florida ... then up into the bend of Georgia and Soth Carolina.

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