Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mother Nature - Shake it up will ya?

Is it me - or is this weather pattern just becoming too stagnant?

California keeps getting pounded, the northern tier can't lose winter, we're burning up here in the Front Range of the Rockies.....LITERALLY!!   Dozens of fires this month so far - several in the immediate 7-county Denver area.

The south is seeing all the severe weather - what little there has been - and that isn't a bad thing - unless you are a storm chaser.  Although - California has seen some rare storms with a few tornadoes too!

Come on Mother Nature - shake things up a bit - spread the love! 

Ok I have ranted.....can you tell we are starving for a little weather east of the Continental Divide here in Colorado!!!

This is not a typical post for me....so let's get off the rant and on to some weather.

If you live in the northeast and like a good spring snow....you may just get your wish later this week! There is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast....but if things come together....they could see a 6 inch+ snow along the I-95 megalopolis!

Here is a map of the potential weather hazards facing the U.S. over the next week. It includes several pockets of heavy precipitation around the nation, strong storms over Florida, high winds in southeast Alaska and continued drought conditions over the southern and central Rockies.

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