Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season of Extremes

Doesn't it seem like there is no longer a "normal" when it comes to weather?  Maybe I am just paying more attention to it the older I get (closing in on 33 soon).

This season - Minneapolis is off to one of the snowiest starts in years - and it's been a whopper of a snow season so far for Syracuse, NY.

Here in Colorado, some of our mountains have seen record snowfalls - while in Denver, it's the driest we have ever been for being so late in the season. (in terms of snow)

We are not even to the 2" mark yet officially.  I have been watering the yard and trees by hand about every 2 to 3 weeks if you can believe it!   Something I've never really had to do in the 10 years of living here.

California is being pounded by heavy rain and mountain snow.  This is the start of their rainy season, so nothing too unusual to be totally honest.  Potent? Yes - this is a major storm system for them - so somewhat unusual.

Europe has been hit hard with winter so far this year - from London to Paris, across portions of Germany and surrounding nations.

Is anyone having a "normal" fall and early winter thus far?

What is "normal" anyway?

From a climate point of view - normal is an average of weather conditions at a particular locations for the past 30 years.

Currently - we use data from 1970-2000.  But soon - we will be using data from 1980-2010, once the year closes out and numbers are crunched.

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