Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Active Weather Maps

I was just looking at the national maps for the last week and there have been a number of locations that have seen 3 or more inches of rain, such as across Kansas, northern Missouri, central Arkansas and the Florida panhandle.

I drove from Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado yesterday -- took me a little under 12 hours. I went from temperatures in the 90s to near 100 degrees in Texas to temps in the upper 50s by the time I got home.

There were some severe storms along my route in the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas, and across eastern Colorado. About 100 miles of my drive up the eastern plains was in rain.

There was a rare mountain tornado in Colorado on Tuesday. It touched down in South Park at an elevation just over 9,000 feet.

Click here to read about it.

Recall a few weeks ago we talked about environmental signs of what the upcoming fall and winter may hold in store?

Several of you mentioned either an increased in bear sightings or odd behavior.

Here in Colorado, there have been several bear incidents this year. The most recent was a bear broke into a motorcycle for a food and one broke into a woman's home in Aspen and injured her.

I personally still think this will be a fun winter. No data to support this statement, just a gut feeling.

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  1. We had our 1st tornado warning/Severe T-storm warning of the summer here in NE Iowa on the 19th.No damage or touchdown.