Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More On Missouri Temperatures

Thanks for all the comments about the tornado. I was asked if I had any other sensory observations other than sounds, such as smells.

No, but it may have been because I was on the north side of the tornado and was locked into a hail shaft that lasted some 30 to 45 minutes.

Temperatures in Missouri show much more contrast in the winter than summer months.

During the heart of the cold season in January, overnight lows usually follow a northwest to southeast gradient, ranging from about 12 degrees in the northwest corner to 24 degrees in the boothill of southeast Missouri.

In the warm season, temperatures usually only vary a few degrees statewide. So not as much contrast as you drive across the state versus that same drive during the winter.

The northern half of Missouri and much of the Ozarks see about 100 to 110 days a year where the overnight low drops to or below freezing, with an average of about 70 days a year in the boothill of southeast Missouri.

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