Friday, December 5, 2008

Major Winter Storm Looming?

I was looking at the 180 hour computer forecast models this morning and one of them paints a pretty potent winter storm late next week sweeping from Colorado and New Mexico, east across the Tennessee and lower Mississippi River valleys.

It would also bring down a good dose of arctic air that would cover much of the eastern US, with the core of the cold around the Great Lakes.

It's just a computer model and can change outputs several times between now and then, but it still is worth watching.

Under a fresh snowpack, Denver dropped to 5 below zero late Thursday night, and that tied our record low last set in 1909.

If you are traveling today, anticipate more lake effect snows around the Great Lakes states.

It will be windy and near whiteout conditions today across southeast Wyoming.

The biggest weather story is the cool air. Almost everyone east of the Rocky Mountains will see afternoon highs no higher than the 40s.

The immediate Gulf Coast will see highs only in the 50s, including Houston and New Orleans.

If you need a little warmth, head to south Florida or southern California and southern Arizona where you will find 70s and even a few 80s, particularly in Florida.

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  1. This storm will be hitting mid-Missouri on the same day as a big ice storm hit last year. I am not sure of the exact track last year's storm took, but I belive it will be very similar to this one. For some good reading, read Missouri's Daily Comments for 12/09/2007.

    This storm is supposed to bring rain and/or snow to mid MO...I don't think anyone is settling on one precipitation prediction as of now. I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll get!