Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quiet For Most, And Some New Weather Lingo

Well it continues to be quiet for most today.

Heavy snows continue around favored areas of the Great Lakes. Winds continue to blow from a northerly direction over the warm, open waters -- picking up tons of moisture and dropping it in the form of snow at and just inland from the lakeshore on the south side.

Below normal temps continue in the southeast and will persist into the weekend.

And here in Denver, we dropped from the upper 70s to the 30s over the past 48 hours, and now we have a little light snow/freezing drizzle.

A new storm moving into the northwest will bring unsettled weather to Seattle and Portland to round-out the work week.

Here are some new weather terms to throw out at your next dinner party.

When a cold front weakens and the temperature gradient weakens (meaning with distance, the difference in temperature becomes less drastic) -- you call that frontolysis.

And when you have the opposite, and the temperature gradient strengthens, meaning the front and associated storm system (low pressure) is growing stronger, it is called frontogensis.

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