Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fay Forms, Potentially Florida Bound

Attention all CoCoRaHSians in Florida and along the eastern and central Gulf Coast --- keep your eye on Fay.

The disturbance that has been on the radar scope these past few days finally formed into an organized system, becoming the 6th named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

There are several wildcards in the forecast, including how Fay interacts with the higher terrain of Cuba, the subtropical high pressure over the western Atlantic and an approaching trough of low pressure.

Current model output has Fay moving west-northwest, then taking a turn north, moving over the Florida keys and paralleling the western coast of Florida, making landfall in the central Panhandle sometime during the middle of this coming week.

If that path comes true, it would give Fay the chance to really become a strong hurricane with the center staying over water, but the storm being close enough to really give the west coast of Florida a wallop.

One thing is for certain, it is pretty likely that Fay will impact the Gulf Coast states somewhere -- but exactly where, when and how strong are still a tough call.

If you live in these areas, have family there, or are traveling there over the next few days, keep a close eye on the forecast.

You can visit the National Hurricane Center's Web site for all the latest information.

Just click here.

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