Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello Dolly!!!

The remains of Dolly really brought some liquid gold to much of New Mexico on Saturday, with one observer in the town of Sunspot racking up over 6" of rain.

The comments were really fun to read. One person said it was the most rain since 1981! Many had their inner tube overflow. (which I can say from personal experience is VERY exciting!!)

In yesterday's blog I asked for your feedback. All I can say is WOW!

Thanks for the phenominal comments -- they really meant a lot to me.

For the most part you all like what I have been doing, but some have asked for me to teach basic weather principals.

Others asked for precipitation outlooks. Someone even asked about old weather folklore.

Well here is what I have decided to do.

I dug out all my old textbooks and classwork from when I was in college, and have decided to give myself a refresher and hopefully teach you a thing or two also.

So we'll start right at the beginning with Introduction to Meteorology.

If anyone is curious as to what I am looking at, I am using my textbook called Meteorology Today, An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment -- Sixth Edition.

Here is a link to that on Amazon if anyone is so into weather that they would like a copy.

Click here.

It will bring up the 7th edition, but I am sure if you look in the used books you can get an earlier version cheaply if you want to.

So starting tomorrow I will just pick through Chapter 1 and highlight things that you might find of an interest.

Also, for those interested in long range outlooks -- here is a great website for you to bookmark.

The Climate Prediction Center. Click here.

There you will find some great info on both short and long-term outlooks, and well as weather hazards expected over the next few days.

So get ready for class tomorrow -- it will start at 8 am SHARP!! Only kidding, you all should know by now that I am NOT an early riser. ;-)

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