Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keeping An Eye on Alaska

This is the time of year when forecasters must keep an eye on Alaska.

A large dome of cold arctic air has been building up there for several days now. Highs from Fairbanks to Barrow, and across the Yukon Territories, have been running around 25 below with overnight lows 40 below zero.

Heading into next week these locations will be warming up a bit, with highs closer to 5 below and lows around 20 below.

So where is that arctic air moving?

Some long range models show the upper air patterns opening up so that very cold air spills right down the spine of the Rocky Mountains and into the eastern United States.

Now if this happens, it will definitely modify as it moves south -- but nevertheless -- a big cool down may be in store for the eastern half of the nation next week.

Stay tuned to your local forecasters!

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