Monday, November 5, 2007

1st Winter Blast Of Season Moving In

A major cold front is moving south from Canada today -- it will bring the biggest taste of winter that we have seen so far this season.

Lake effect snows are expected from Duluth to Chicago. In the southern Great Lakes it will be mostly a sprinkle/flurry event with perhaps some minor accumulations.

Further north, a few inches are expected on the south shore of Lake Superior.

The front will sweep into Dixie this week with highs in Nashville, Tennessee tumbling into the 50s by midweek.

Even the Gulf Coast will see a cool down with highs in the 60s across the Florida panhandle by Wednesday.

In my last blog entry I asked for tips on cleaning the inner tube of our rain gauges. There were several good comments. One even tells you how to use a chop stick to clean!!

Here in the snow country of the west, we are just putting the outer cylinder out until spring. We have to be prepared for snow at anytime from now until April.

Those in the Great Lakes and New England should be almost ready to convert over to the winter setup (just the out cylinder and snow board). Be sure to find your snow stick or yard stick so you can measure the first snow!! And don't forget where you stored the funnel and inner tube -- sometimes when we go 2 or 3 weeks without precip it can get lost in the house or garage! (That has NEVER happened to me ;-) by the way!)

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  1. Also, remember to flag your snowboard so you can FIND it when the lawn is covered with snow.